Education and Training

Education and training on heart failure is vital for health care professionals to ensure that they have
a good level of knowledge and understanding of the condition to enable them to provide patients
with appropriate information and a high standard of care. Education should be a team approach and
be provided at intervals throughout the patients journey. The Heart Failure Hub has collated details
of health care professional training courses, although study days and courses are also provided
locally in each health board.

Patient education is also vitally important to ensure people living with heart failure understand their
condition, how to monitor it and when to report key changes. Patient education supports patients
to self manage their condition through key strategies, problem solving abilities and supporting them
to follow a treatment plan. The heart failure hub has collated relevant information tools and
support for patients. There are a number of websites for heart failure but the ones included are
recommended by the hub. Click on the links below for information about these.


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Professional Resources

An integrated approach to managing heart failure in the community
Our clinical summary explaining the evidence behind an integrated approach to managing heart failure in a community setting, including an implementation proposal and calculated cost savings.

Treating heart failure patients in the community with IV diuretics
A clinical summary explaining the evidence behind delivering an intravenous diuretics service in a community setting, including an implementation proposal and calculated cost savings.

Learning points for the successful introduction of Intravenous diuretics in the community
The tried and tested learning points for the successful introduction of Intravenous diuretics in the community, including evaluated key findings and 10 reasons to introduce the service.

Difficult Conversations – talking to people with heart failure about the end of life
This guide which has been written in collaboration with the National Council of Palliative Care and aims to support those caring for people affected by heart failure, in particular healthcare professionals to open up conversations about end of life wishes and preferences.

Medical HF Education Resources

Nursing HF Educational Resources

Patient/Carer Resources

An everyday guide to living with heart failure
Designed for adults of all ages who have heart failure, and for their families, carers and friends, this practical guide will help you understand and manage your condition better. It contains tips and advice about medications, treatment, self-management and dealing with everyday challenges which will help you live your life as full as possible.

Living with heart failure
This booklet explains what heart failure is, what causes it, the symptoms, the possible treatments including medicines, and what can be done to help keep the condition under control.

One step at a time – living with heart failure
A DVD featuring six inspirational stories from individuals with heart failure sharing their experience of learning about the condition and living a normal life. Health care professionals also answer some common questions.

Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland

Common Heart Conditions – Heart Failure
Living with Heart Failure
CHSS Heart Failure Traffic Light

Sources of other patient information

Benefits Advice

Patient & Carer Support Educational Resources


Heart Education Awareness Resource and Training through E-learning

The aim of the HEARTe project is to be a free heart disease educational resource that health and social care professionals across Scotland can access.

Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland has collaborated with key stakeholders and partners and developed an educational framework which aligned to cardiac specific areas. These areas were identified as priorities by the National Advisory Committee for Heart Disease (NACHD) and related actions as outlined as priorities by the Better Heart Disease and Stroke care Action Plan.

The educational framework underpins the cardiac specific content and has driven the learning outcomes for each module.

HEARTe can be used to enhance your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or to enhance your overall cardiac knowledge.

There are 7 core level modules which cover the following aspects of cardiac disease:

  • Healthy heart & investigations
  • Primary prevention of heart disease
  • Stable coronary artery disease
  • Acute coronary syndromes
  • Heart Failure
  • Palliative care in heart disease

Patient View

Introducing PatientView – A New Service for Patients with Heart Failure

PatientView is a new service for patients with Heart Failure currently patients living in Lothians, Greater Glasgow & Clyde and Ayrshire & Arran. The service gives patients access to some of their medical records including blood test results, GP and hospital medications as well as a system for you to record and monitor symptoms. To enrol in the service, patients must sign and complete an enrolment form and return this to their local unit. Further information about this service is available online or contact Simita Kumar (

PatientView Patient Information

PV Enrolment Form

PV Security Forn