Education and Training

Education and training on heart failure is vital for health care professionals to ensure that they have
a good level of knowledge and understanding of the condition to enable them to provide patients
with appropriate information and a high standard of care. Education should be a team approach and
be provided at intervals throughout the patients journey. The Heart Failure Hub has collated details
of health care professional training courses, although study days and courses are also provided
locally in each health board.

Patient education is also vitally important to ensure people living with heart failure understand their
condition, how to monitor it and when to report key changes. Patient education supports patients
to self manage their condition through key strategies, problem solving abilities and supporting them
to follow a treatment plan. The heart failure hub has collated relevant information tools and
support for patients. There are a number of websites for heart failure but the ones included are
recommended by the hub. Click on the links below for information about these.


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Meetings with Heart Failure Related Sessions

Scottish National Advanced Heart Failure Service 30th Anniversary Symposium

5 May, Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel, Glasgow & online

Registration coming soon


British Society for Heart Failure

The heart failure multi-disciplinary team: reconnecting in the real world

12 – 13 May, Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel, Glasgow

Excellent 2 day packages available including dinner & accommodation

More info


European Society of Cardiology – EuroHeartCare & Heart Failure Association: 2 for the price of 1

The scientific programme is carefully designed to provide education and training across all core specialties with international leading experts. It includes:

• Expert interactive multidisciplinary sessions.
• Science and research skills workshops, including a pre-congress workshop in novel research methodologies.
•  Dedicated tracks with practical guidance on how to perform procedures, implement guidelines and deliver high quality clinical care.

Excellent prices available for in-person, online & group bookings

22-23 May, Madrid & online

more info


British Cardiology Society Annual Conference

6-8 June, Manchester

more info


European Society of Cardiology Congress

26 – 29 August, Barcelona & online

more info

Funding Sources for Conference/Course Attendance

Scottish Cardiac Society Travel Grants

Emily Taylor Travel Fund

(Non-consultant clinician; recently appointed consultant [consultant appointment within 5 years from application]; nurse/AHP)

The Scottish Cardiac Society is currently offering travel grants of up to £1,500 to members in the above groups.

Applicants must be members of the Scottish Cardiac Society.  Priority will be given to new applicants.

Please use the form here to submit an application, indicating estimated costs and enclosing a covering letter.

If alternative funding is available to you through study leave budget, please try and access this before applying for this grant.

More information about Emily Taylor and her generous gift to the Society.

Emily Taylor Travel Fund – Autumn Meeting prizes

£250 – awarded for best scientific oral presentation at the Autumn Meeting submitted by a non-consultant clinician
£250 – awarded for best scientific poster at the Autumn Meeting submitted by a non-consultant clinician

£250 – awarded for best scientific oral presentation at the Autumn Meeting submitted by an nurse or allied health professional
£250 – awarded for best scientific poster at the Autumn Meeting submitted by an nurse or allied health professional

£200 – awarded for best scientific oral presentation at the Autumn Meeting submitted by a medical student *
£200 – awarded for best scientific poster at the Autumn Meeting submitted by a medical student *

Chosen by a panel of Council representatives. Award must be used to assist with attendance at a future meeting relevant to Cardiology or Cardiac Surgery. Award subject to applicant being a member of SCS and submitting a report to be presented at an SCS meeting and/or publication on SCS website. Award presented up production of receipts or invoices for future meeting.

* Award is unrestricted but should be used for educational purposes.

Scottish Cardiac Society Spring & Autumn Meetings

Funds are available to assist with reasonable travel expenses to the two SCS meetings each year. Please contact the Secretariat for more details.  Any applications must be received before the Council meeting prior to the relevant Spring or Autumn meeting.

British Society for Heart Failure

Travel Grants
The BSH offer a limited number of travel grants for non-consultant healthcare professionals who do not have access to travel budgets to attend BSH meetings. The grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to BSH members who fulfil the eligibility criteria (see the information page in the programme).

Patient events

Living Well with Heart Failure in Scotland

The event is on the 26 April 2022 10 am until 12 pm, please click on the link for registration

Heart Disease Network event

Nursing education resources

Scottish Heart Failure Nurse Forum


Our membership is representative of every health board area in Scotland. Heart failure is a life-limiting condition, and people can live with disabling and isolating symptoms for many years. This organisation is dedicated to supporting the nurses caring for the heart failure population.

We aim to share best practice, provide educational opportunities, and set the standard for heart failure nursing care in Scotland. We welcome new members, and hope you enjoy and learn from the information that this website provides


Your membership fee allows the SHFNF to remain independent and able to attract a high calibre of speakers to our educational meeting of which, attendance remains free for our members. SHFNF Membership also provides regular updates and mailings and access to our national network for sharing best practice, seeking support and advice.

With our full membership, you are also entitled to apply for SHFNF Grants up to the maximum amount of £250.00 to support educational development such as accredited modules or attendance at national/European educational meetings and events.

British Society for Heart Failure Nurse Forum

This Forum aims to support the role of heart failure nurses. We want to help develop and enhance practice in the care and treatment of heart failure patients by sharing resources, tools and ideas, facilitate and generate research and innovation. We are keen to further develop the heart failure nurse role through access to education, training and peer support. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that patients have access to the best care and treatment available, wherever they happen to live.

Please take a look around the forum at what is available and use whatever you may need. If you have a piece of work that you think your colleagues would find interesting or useful, we would be delighted if you let us know so we can add it to the forum.

Association of Cardiovascular Nursing & Allied Professions – ESC

ACNAP website

Our mission is to support nurses and allied professionals throughout Europe to deliver the best possible care to patients with cardiovascular disease and their families. We do this through the creation and delivery of a diverse programme of activities, including education, research and mentorship.

Difficult Conversations – talking to people with heart failure about the end of life
This guide which has been written in collaboration with the National Council of Palliative Care and aims to support those caring for people affected by heart failure, in particular healthcare professionals to open up conversations about end of life wishes and preferences.

Nursing HF Educational Resources

European Society for Cardiology Heart Failure Nursing Curriculum

Riley_et_al-2016-HF Nurse Curriculum

Patient/Carer Resources

What is heart failure?

Living With Heart Failure

British Heart Foundation – An everyday guide to living with heart failure
Designed for adults of all ages who have heart failure, and for their families, carers and friends, this practical guide will help you understand and manage your condition better. It contains tips and advice about medications, treatment, self-management and dealing with everyday challenges which will help you live your life as full as possible.

Chest Heart Stroke Scotland – Living With Heart Failure

This booklet explains:

• What heart failure is and what can cause it
• What the symptoms of heart failure are and how it is diagnosed
• How heart failure is managed
• What you can do to help control your symptoms and keep yourself well

The booklet also addresses some of the concerns you may have about living day-to-day with heart failure and offers practical advice to help you continue to do the things that you enjoy.

Cardiomyopathy UK – Living With Cardiomyopathy

We understand how cardiomyopathy can impact on many aspects of life, including relationships, jobs and social life, and we’re here to help.

Pumping Marvellous – Heart Failure Guide

Heart Failure Matters

Practical information for patients, families and caregivers.  Available in:

  • English
  • Deutsch
  • Nederlands
  • Español
  • Français
  • Português
  • Svenska
  • Ελληνικά
  • Русский
  • العربية


CHSS – Traffic Lights for Heart Failure

Treatments for Heart Failure

Pumping Marvellous – Guide to Heart Failure Medication

BHF – Pacemaker Guide

BHF – ICD (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator)

BHF – Heart Transplant

Emotional Wellbeing

Cardiomyopathy UK – Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health

Travel and Driving Advice

Pumping Marvellous – Travelling with Heart Failure

BHF – Travel Insurance with a Heart Condition

BHF – Driving with a Heart Condition

For carers

CHSS – Support for Family, Friends & Carers

Cardiomyopathy UK – For Families and Carers


British Heart Foundation YouTube Channel

Sources of other patient information

Benefits Advice

Patient & Carer Support Educational Resources


Heart Education Awareness Resource and Training through E-learning

The aim of the HEARTe project is to be a free heart disease educational resource that health and social care professionals across Scotland can access.

Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland has collaborated with key stakeholders and partners and developed an educational framework which aligned to cardiac specific areas. These areas were identified as priorities by the National Advisory Committee for Heart Disease (NACHD) and related actions as outlined as priorities by the Better Heart Disease and Stroke care Action Plan.

The educational framework underpins the cardiac specific content and has driven the learning outcomes for each module.

HEARTe can be used to enhance your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or to enhance your overall cardiac knowledge.

There are 7 core level modules which cover the following aspects of cardiac disease:

  • Healthy heart & investigations
  • Primary prevention of heart disease
  • Stable coronary artery disease
  • Acute coronary syndromes
  • Heart Failure
  • Palliative care in heart disease

Patient View

Introducing PatientView – A New Service for Patients with Heart Failure

PatientView is a new service for patients with Heart Failure currently patients living in Lothians, Greater Glasgow & Clyde and Ayrshire & Arran. The service gives patients access to some of their medical records including blood test results, GP and hospital medications as well as a system for you to record and monitor symptoms. To enrol in the service, patients must sign and complete an enrolment form and return this to their local unit. Further information about this service is available online or contact Simita Kumar (

PatientView Patient Information

PV Enrolment Form

PV Security Forn