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The Scottish Heart Failure Hub is a sub-group of the National Advisory Committee for Heart Disease. The clinical lead is Dr Alan Japp and Leeanne Macklin provides project support. The Hub was developed to identify and improve key care pathways for people living with Heart Failure in Scotland. The Hub and the workstreams are supported by key clinicians, patients and charities in Scotland.

This website is to share our ideas, workstreams and best practice. Our workstreams are aligned to both the Scottish Governments Heart Disease Action Plan 2021 and Quality Strategy 2018 as well as SIGN 147 2016. This Hub aims to provide expert guidance supported by developing a range of practical tools for health care professionals and patients.

The Hub runs an annual ‘Ensuring Success with Heart Failure’ event for Health professionals and one for peole living with heart failure. This is to encourage and motivate clinicians and patients to manage heart failure well and to learn from each other.

Through collaboration and exchange of ideas, the Hub aims to equip NHS Boards to strengthen the delivery of consistent excellence in the field of Heart Failure management

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Our 6 Key Remit Areas

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