Welcome to Heart Failure Hub Scotland

The Scottish Heart Failure Hub is a sub-group of the National Advisory Committee for Heart Disease led by  Consultant Cardiologists’ Drs Mark Petrie and Martin Denvir. Specifically developed to examine six key areas within the management of Heart Failure, the Hub is supported by an extensive Steering Group collaborating on each area of improvement.

Work within each remit area is progressing well and it was felt that a website would support timely updates to the wide body of clinicians across Scotland with a keen interest in service delivery. Aligned to both Scottish Governments Heart Disease Improvement Plan 2014 and Quality Strategy 2010, the Hub aims to provide expert guidance supported by a range of practical tools for each area to choose from according to the local needs identified.

The Hub has been involved in national ‘Ensuring Success with Heart Failure’ events and these are intended to continue each February. The programme is centred on the six key areas of care ensuring transparency of national activity and achievement, whilst identifying further work required. These events attract  clinicians from all sectors of provision from community to hospital, medical to nursing, pharmacy to rehabilitation staff ensuring lively engagement and debate.

Through collaboration and exchange of ideas, the Hub aims to equip NHS Boards to strengthen the delivery of consistent excellence in the field of Heart Failure management

Dr Mark PetrieHub Lead

Our 6 Key Remit Areas

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Quality Improvement

Psychological Provision

Palliative & Supportive Care

Information & Coding

Models of Care

Latest News & Events

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Ensuring Success with Heart Failure Meeting 1st February 2018

Thursday 1st February, Royal College of Physicians Glasgow The annual Health Professional meeting for staff looking after or who have an ...
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New Heart Failure Modules- Caledonian University

Heart Failure Palliative Care Module CHF Optimising Health and Wellbeing Principals of Contemporary Care Module New: I would like to bring to your attention ...
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Information videos for people living with heart failure

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Z6pGGYCEfY&list=PLoo93WDs54QvlGUdM8_t8tldrmyw8KIf5 ...
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